Highly Flexible Cables, Oil Resistant Cables, PUR Cables, Cables for connection of Solar Cells, Cables for Submersible Sensor, Cables for Petrochemical Sector, Shipboard Cables

IMC has increased its production range with new types of cables which can be used in specific sectors and for specialapplications. This has been possible by the use of special materials which not only allow the cables to be more efficient but also to be more closely conforming with the norms in application . The innovation of products and their technological conformity show I.M.C commitment to take up the challenges of the future.

In this section you can find different types of cables , each of them corresponding to an application sector.

  • Cables for petrochemical sector
    The main characteristic of these cables is their resistance to the oil and hydrocarbon action. For this reasonthey are used for instruments, signalling and control devices in petrochemical extraction, stocking and refinery plants.
  • Cables for the naval sector
    Cables for instruments and control devices permanently installed on shipboard.
  • Cables for submersed sensing devices
    Multicore cables connecting submersed sensors up to 2 bars.
  • Cables for the photovoltaic sector
    Halogen free cables being highly resistant to temperature changes for the connection of photovoltaic cells, termination gear cases and frequency converters of photovoltaic plants.
  • Cables installed in critical conditions
    Control cables with PUR sheath being extremely strong and resistant to abrasions and a wide range of oils. 
  • Highly flexible cables
    They are mainly used in cable chains. These highly flexible cables are the best solution for all those areas where flexibility is the most important characteristic a cable should have, such as in industrial machines and robotics.