RadioFrequency and Computer Cables

The cables for radiofrequency are single or composed coaxial cables and therefore their technical features can be assimilated to those of the coaxial cables used for Standard Digital/Satellite TV. They are different from the latter because their uses are wider. Moreover these cables are originally manufactured according to the American norms MIL C-17, which give them their characteristic abbreviation “RG”.

RG cables at 75 ? are mainly used in closed circuit TV equipments and in general in those systems which uses TV video signals. Items RG 6A/U, RG 11 A/U and RG 59 B/U belong to this category.

50 ?  cables are used for:

  • AM-FM radio transmitters
  • TV transmitters
  • Data transmitters
  • Measuring instruments
  • Antenna systems

RG 58C/U, RG 213/U, RG 214/U and RG 174/U belong to this group.
93 ? cables are used for computer systems and include RG 62A/U and RG71B/U.

Computer cables are paired cables which use the following communication protocols:

  • EIA RS 232
  • EIA RS 485
  • EIA RS 422

The main components of a computer cable are:

  • Conductors
  • Polyester tape
  • Screen
  • Drainage wire
  • Sheath

Flexible tin plated copper conductors with sections of 0,22 mm2, 0,35 mm2, and/or 0,81 mm2 are used. The insulation of the inner conductors is in PVC or in Polyethylene or in Polypropylene and coloured according to the attached table. The shield is made of Aluminium/Polyester and the drain wire is in tin plated copper; the latter enables the electrostatic charges which accumulate on the tape to be discharged towards the exterior. It also ensures the continuity of the load on the shield, in this way a real “Faraday cage” is generated.

The outer sheath is grey; an alternative colour can be produced on request.